Minutes from the Dixie Zone Annual Meeting

Committee: Dixie Zone
Date: 10/14/00
Recorder: Lisa Watson
Chair: June Krauser:
Committee Members present: 26


Income: Balance 9/18/99 of $1,550.34

120.00 - Coral Springs SCM zone championships
274.00 - Dynamo SCY zone championships
97.71 -- USMS, Apr-Jun
97.47 -- USMS, Jul-Aug
177.00 - patches


264.24 - '99 Convention
56.78 -- Oct-Dec News
258.00 - patches
105.05 - Jan-Mar News
97.71 -- Apr-Jun News
8.38 --- zone relay pictures
97.47 -- Jul-Sep News
4.20 --- mailing patches

Balance October, 2000: $1,355.11

TOP TEN/Records

The committee recognized and congratulated Dick Brewer and Ed Saltzman for their efforts in compiling and updating the Dixie Zone records, which had not been done since 1997. Ed produced these updated records in poster size form for the members to view. Ed stressed the importance for each LMSC recorder to keep updated records and to make sure that documentation is provided for all records. It was also stressed that swimmers should realize that it is their responsibility to get these documented results to their LMSC recorder. Chris Gilligan suggested that it would be helpful to have this stated in the LMSC newsletters as a reminder for swimmers. Dick Brewer suggested that when LMSC Top Ten recorders submit results for National Top Ten, carbon copies should be made and distributed to all LMSC Top Ten recorders within the Dixie Zone. The committee strongly supported this. Dick and Ed will each b e responsible to Top Ten Results of certain LMSC's: Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina should submit results to Ed, and Southern, Southeastern, Florida, and Florida Gold Coast should submit results to Dick. The Dixie Zone voted to make the following requirement for Dixie Zone Meets: meet directors will be responsible for insuring that copies of meet results, hard disk or electronic, are sent to the LMSC Top Ten recorders.


Dick Brewer placed a Dixie Zone Calendar on a map. This calendar will be posted on the Dixie Zone website (http://home.att.net/~dixiezone). It is also in this Newsletter. It was noted that some of the events listed might be subject to change. Deb Cavanaugh suggested that the Dixie Zone mandate that no other meets within the Zone be scheduled during Dixie Zone Championships, as a means of promoting these Championship events. The committee supported this idea, but felt that whereas it could not be mandated, it could be strongly suggested.


Two sites submitted bids for the Dixie Zone SCY Championships: Auburn AL and Raleigh NC> Two bids were also submitted for the Dixie Zone LCM Championships: Greenville SC and Sarasota FL. One bid from Orlando FL was submitted for the Dixie Zone SCM Championships. The zone awarded Championships bids to the following venues for 2001:

The Dixie Zone voted to include an Open Water venue as a zone Championships and chose the Buford Dam 5K in Buford GA as the site for this first annual event.


Scott Rabalais, Coaches Committee Chair, reported that the Coaches Mentor program has been very successful. Five coaching clinics have been given throughout the country with very positive feedback. Randy Nutt also reported that four open water clinics have been conducted. Scott further reported that the Coaches Committee is proposing conducting 2-3 day coaching schools to assist coaches.


Marty Hamburger, who will be in charge of the on-deck coaching for 2001 Nationals, stated the desire to have this service available also at the zone level. Scott suggested that we implement this at the upcoming zone SCY Championships at Auburn in February. Committee members were asked to give suggestions for improvement of the on-deck coaching at the convention. Suggestions included better communication between coaches at workouts and methods of insuring a better choice of lane assignments.


Hill Carrow reported that Raleigh NC plans to host the U.S. Masters Games in 2003, probably in June. The intent is to make the swimming events in a format similar to USMS Nationals, have the site as SCM, and hopefully rotate venues throughout the years. Randy Nutt reported that Plantation FL plans to bid for SC Nationals in 2003 and asked for support of the Dixie Zone. He also said that Coral Springs is discussing a possible LC bid. Lisa Watson emphasized the need for committee members to vote to do away with the current rotation system in place for Nationals so that both bids would be possible in 2003. It was noted that Scott would be running for USMS Vice President next year. The Dixie Zone expressed its support of Scott.