Minutes from the Dixie Zone Annual Meeting

Committee: Dixie Zone
Date/Time: 9/14/02 12:10 PM
Recorder: Lisa Watson
Chair: June Krauser:
Committee Members present: 30

1. Introduction

This was a luncheon meeting and thanks to Randy Nutt for making arrangements for lunch.There were 30 Dixie Zone delegates in the room. After each delegate introduced themselves, a count was taken on how many were from each LMSC. Georgia LMSC had 6, Florida LMSC had 6, Florida Gold Coast LMSC had 6, North Carolina LMSC had 4, South Carolina LMSC had 1, Southeastern LMSC had 3, and Southern LMSC had 4.

2. Zone Specific Tasks

A. Financial Report. There was a discussion regarding the Executive Committee's recommendation that FOG be amended for zone dues collection and disbursement. Members voiced concern that this would make the process much more difficult and that it would be preferable to continue letting each zone take care of their own finances.
B. Zone Newsletters continue to be published in a timely manner.
C. Top Ten Times -- the committee commended Dick Brewer for handling Dixie Zone Top Ten Times.
D. Records -- MSA -- The committee voted to establish a written policy of guidelines for submitting times for Dixie Zone Records. Records Chairman Ed Saltzman and the Dixie Zone Top Ten Recorders will comprise this committee.
E. It was noted that we have one more 2002 Dixie Zone Meet -- SCM in Anderson SC.
F. Top Ten Patches -- Debbie Cavanaugh said that we are in good shape with patches. LMSC's were encouraged to continually remind their LMSC's that swimmers are eligible for a patch when they make the Dixie Zone Top Ten.

3. Zone Activities for 2002-2003

A. Championship Meet bids -- MSA -- The Dixie Zone Committee awarded Dixie Zone Championships to the following bids for 2003: SCY--Savannah GA (April 26-27), SCM--Marietta GA (December 6-7), Open Water-Carter's Lake GA (July 19).
B. Thanks to Ed Saltzman and Dick Brewer, we had two nice calendars to use for 2003 for a tentative calendar. These dates will eventually be found on the Dixie Zone website: www.dixiezone.org.

4. Coaches Mentor Program

Scott Rabalais encouraged the LMSC's to take advantage of the Coaches Mentor Clinics, which will provide each zone with a dual clinic for coaches and swimmers. Randy Nutt encouraged the LMSC's also to take advantage of the Open Water Clinics, which can pay $500 to bring someone to conduct a clinic.

5. Future Direction of Zones

Our members felt that the Dixie Zone was thriving and hoped this trend continues.

6. Discussion of 'Hot' Convention Topics

The new block format was discussed. On the positive side, it was a new idea and was conceived to promote interaction between committees. The big downside was that there was not enough time allocated for committees to conduct their own business. Also, with similar committees grouped together in the block format, it made it impossible for someone with similar interests to attend different committee meetings. One member suggested that if the block format continues, the committees should meet first and then come back in a group discussion.

7. New Business

Scott Rabalais was congratulated for brining LCM Nationals to the Dixie Zone since Savannah GA was awarded the LC bid for 2004!

Meeting adjourned: 1:32 PM.