Minutes from the Dixie Zone Annual Meeting

Committee: Dixie Zone
Date: 1988
Recorder: Enid Uhrich
Chair: Frank Tillotson
Committee Members present: 14

There were 10 voting delegates present with four non-voting memers. Representing FL were Frank Tillotson, John Maguire, Bill Uhrich, Catey Cooper, Judy Meyers, and Enid Uhrich; FGC - Janice Krauser, June Krauser; GA - Bob Anderson; NC - Leslie Molony, Maury Scott; SE - Roxanne Motter, Elleen Schappel, Mary Lee Watson.

MSC: minutes from 1987

A short informational discussion of the history of Holmes Lumber team was given.

Postal meets

MSC: That we contact Southern and ask if they would like to move to Southwestern

MSC: Postal Zone Meets continued as previously

MSC: National REquirement -- send all zone swimmers' info to the zone meet registrar

MSC: To produce a Zone Top Ten -- by having LMSC Top 10 Recorders send results to Bob Anderson. This will start with 1989 registered swimmers

MSC: To send a copy of the Zone Top Ten to each first place swimmer