Minutes from the Dixie Zone Annual Meeting

Committee: Dixie Zone
Date: 1989
Recorder: Enid Uhrich
Chair: Frank Tillotson
Committee Members present: 14

There were ten voting delegates present with four non-voting memers. Representing FL were Frank Tillotson, Catie Cooper, Bill Uhrich, John Maguire, Doug Messineo and Enid Uhrich; FGC - Judy Meyer, June Krauser; GA - Lisa Watson; NC - Leslie Molony, Maury Schott; SE - Roxanne Motter, Elleen Schappel, Mary Lee Watson; SO Barbara Bower.

Minutes of the 1988 meeting were accepted as read

Discussion of paying the way of zone rep to convention. It was agreed this should be done if the rep was not also a LMSC delegate. AT the present time the fees from the zone championship should cover this. But if they do not it was felt that an assessment of $.50 per LMC member might be considered. Paying the way was limited to travel and room expenses.

There was a discussion of the interaction between the various zones. It was agreed that a separate newsletter be sent to all clubs in the zone as well as LMSC officers and delegates (as opposed to the present inclusion in the Florida letter Frank sends out).

The problem of one LMSC accepting registration of a club from another LMSC was discussed and it was explained that this was acceptable as long as both LMSC's agreed to that registration. The national registrar requested that it be sent to her in writing with both LMSC chairs signing the agreement.

Frank Tillotson was elected for another two years as zone rep.

The zone calendar of meets was then set up.