Minutes from the Dixie Zone Annual Meeting

Committee: Dixie Zone
Date: September 22, 1990
Recorder: Enid Uhrich
Chair: Frank Tillotson
Committee Members present: 14

There were 13 voting delegates present with four non-voting memers. Representing FL were Frank Tillotson, John Maguire, Catie Cooper, Bill Uhrich, Enid Uhrich; FGC - Janice Krauser, Lil Haneman, June Krauser, Judy Bonning; GA - Lisa Watson; NC - Ceil Blackwell, Maury Schott; SE - Roxanne Motter, Elleen Schappel, Mary Lee Watson; SO Barbara Bower,Jim Hale; SC Steve Wycoff.

There was discussion on the proper operation of meets and distribution of meet results. Some LMSC's, in addition to a daily sanction fee, require a deposit per day to be returned to the Club sponsoring the meet as soon as it is determined that the meet has been run according to USMS rules and the results have been distributed timely. In Florida's case timely is two weeks. The most common complaint is that results are not available in a reasonable time. Return of deposit may be total or partial. This is a practice, not a rule of book. Timing and officials are likely to be a problem also. We all ought to try to see that all swimmers have an equal opportunity to swim good times.

At the Dixie meeting it was asked that we see as to the number of two year terms the Zone Chair can serve. Asking Jack Geoghagen, his answer was that there is nothing in the rule book on the subject. Therefore there is no limit at this time.

Someone asked who was voting in a Zone meeting. I asked Jack about this also and he said that there was no written requirement. At least one Zone lets any delegate from that Zone vote. Another has a one vote per LMSC and others each designated delegate from the LMSC gets to vote. Dixie has 13 "regular" delegates and it has been the policy that these are the voters. We'll continue this policy for 1991.