Minutes from the Dixie Zone Annual Meeting

Committee: Dixie Zone
Date: September 21, 1991
Recorder: Rocky Motter
Chair: Frank Tillotson
Committee Members present: 14

In attendance: Frank Tillotson, chair; Catherine Cooper, Janice Krauser, Joseph Kurtzman, John Maguire, Rocky Motter, Krista Phillips, Scott Rabalais, Elleen Schappel, Lisa Watson, Mary Lee Watson, Jayne Lambke, Joan Glaraton, and Lil Haneman.

Dixie Zone Report: The Dixie Zone Report written by Frank Tillotson was passed around, reviewed, and discussed. Rank mentioned that sending out four newsletter put him in arrears by $210.00 and that National would not reimburse him. Scott Rabalais thought that if he talked to the National Zone Chairman he would find that there was still $75.00 left for our zone in their budget. John Maguire said also that there was enough money in our local zone budget to reimburse Frank.

Swim Meet Schedule: Our Zone schedule and June Krauser's meet schedule was passed around, reviewed, and discussed. Mary Lee Watson announced that her meet deadline for the 1992 Pocket Planner calendar was October 15, 1991.

Newsletter: General opinion decided that the newsletter will still be sent to all the LMSC's representatives and funded by the $1.00 head tax from the zone meets. It was requested that the meet director or contact person with address and telelphone number be added to thw swim meet listings. John Maguire made a plea for insurance purposes that could be put in the newsletter urging all meet directors and persons responsible for swim practices to have an "emergency action plan" in place. Krista Phillips said she would appreciate any meet information sent to her for her newsletter.

Zone Meets: After some discussion it was decided that we would have two zone meets, one a SCY meet in Atlanta, GA (St. Patrick's Day Meet) and a LCM meet in Baton Rouge on July 31 and August 1-2, 1992.

Funding for Zone Rep to USMS Convention: A motion was presented by Lisa Watson to fund the Zone Rep to Convention by the LMSC apportionment system used in the past. A friendly amendment was made by John Maguire to add "should there not be enough funds already in the Treasury for such purposes." All was seconded and passed.

Election: Frank Tilotson and Scott Rabalais were nominated to run for our Zone Chairman. Scott Rabalais was elected on written ballot. Mary Lee Watson with all present recognized and thanked Frank for the fine job he has done in the past. It was well appreciated by all. With no other business, the meeting was adjourned.