Minutes from the Dixie Zone Annual Meeting

Committee: Dixie Zone
Date: September 26, 1992
Recorder: Rocky Motter
Chair: Scott Rabalais
Committee Members present: 19

In attendance: Florida: John Maguire, Charlie Kohnken, Joan Glaraton, Catie Cooper. Gold Coast: June Krauser, Lil Haneman. Georgia: Lisa Watson. North Carolina: Maury Schott, Krista Phillips, Ceil Blackwell, Hill Carrow. South Carolina: Joe Kurtzman. Southeastern: Pat Wilson, Elleen Schappel, Roxanne Motter. Southern: Tim Hale, Cindy Hale, Barbara Bower, Scott Rabalais.

Review of 1992: Scott Rabalais, Chairman of the Dixie Zone, passed out his Chairman's Report the postal meet approach and $1 fee and reviewed 1992 as written in the report. Krista Phillips expressed concern that the information from the newsletters was not being passed along to the members of the LMSCs. June Krauser felt that the Records sent out were not clear enough to read easily and wished they could be improved.

Plans for 1993: Scott Rabalais, as expressed in his report, started discussion of improvements for 1993:

Financial: Scott Rabalais reported that as of September 26, 1992, the Zone's total income was $347.97 and total expenses were $101.40, leaving a balance of $246.57. He urged everyone to spend their budgeted money if possible. John Maguire suggested using any leftover money from Zone Championship meets to fund the Chairman's Convention expenses thus relieving the LMSCs of that burden. Maury Schott suggested breaking down the Financial Statement into more detail so there would be a clearer idea how our money was coming and going.

Other: Scott asked everyone to fill out their meet forms quickly and send them to him so he can form and send out a calendar. Hill Carrow pointed out that next year is again when we elect our National officers and that it might be to the Dixie Zone's interest to have someone from our area on the Board. Since the Zone Chairmen are automatically on the nominating committee all were urged to send in to him an expression of interest themselves or suggest someone who might be interested. Scott announced that more information will be coming out in the newsletter.

Because time had run out, the meeting was adjourned.

Dixie Zone Chairman's Report by Scott Rabalais, September 26, 1992

My objective for the Dixie Zone in 1992 has been to increase an awareness of the Dixie Zone, and to stimulate interest in participating in Zone affairs. The means of achieving these objective have been as follows:

Newsletter: Four issues of the "Dixie Zone News" were sent to significant parties in regards to Dixie Zone: 1992 Dixie Zone delegates and convention meeting participants; Dixie Zone LMSC Chairmen and Editors; Zone Representatives; USMS President, Executive Secretary, and Zone Chairman. Approximately 40 copies were mailed every three months. A newsletter sponsor, KINKO's COPIES, agreed to print at a reduced rate in exchange for a half-page ad in each issue.

Top Ten/Records: Thanks to Rocky Motter, the "Walt Reid of Dixie Zone," Top Ten rankings and Records have been published for LCM, SCM, and SCY. Meet directors forwarded a copy of their final results to Rocky, who deciphered Dixie Zone swimmers from all national and internation meets as well. Copies of the Top Ten and Records were sent at least to each LMSC Chairman and Editor, and at most to all Zone teams.

Championship meets: Two meets were designated as Dixie Zone Championship meets in 1992. The SCY meet was the traditional St. Patrick's Day affair in Atlanta. The LCM meet was in Baton Rouge in early August. Both meets were well run, and had superior socials. Attendance at Atlanta was 227, and at Baton Rouge was 141.A $1.00 Zone surcharge was collected from each entrant at these two meets.

My first year as your Zone Representative has allowed me to "get my feet wet" and establish communications with several key people throughout the Zone. I've appreciated those who have shared their views and passed on information when requested. In 1993, I would like to see us expand in the above-mentioned areas as follows:

Newsletter: I would like to see improved communication on all levels involving the ZONE, the LMSCs, and the CUBS. All LMSCs are asked to generate a sufficient number of newsletters throughout the year to their individual members and to place the Dixie Zone Representative on their mailing lists. I would also appreciate any meet information that is mailed out. I would also be grateful if you would respond in a timely manner to any information requests from the Zone Rep. I would like to firmly establish ONE key individual in each LMSC for communication purposes. Currently, those individuals are John Maguire (Florida), Carl House (Florida Gold Coast), Lisa Watson (Georgia), Dennis Watson (North Carolina), Stan Fried (South Carolina), Pat Wilson (Southeastern). Should there be another person more accessible to your LMSC information, please let me know. I would like to expand the newsletter mailing to all 75 teams in the Dixie Zone. This would raise our mailing from 40 to 100 pieces per newsletter. The newsletter deadlines shall continue to be the first days of October, January, April, and July.

Top Ten/Records: With the assistance of the LMSC Records Chairmen, I would like to see the records fully updated, primarily in he relays. Discussion may be in order as to how we might make the Recorder's job a bit easier. I will continue to mail a copy of each Top Ten/Records publication to each LMSC & Editor, and offer through the Zone News a free copy, providing a SASE is sent with adequate postage. Foremost, I would like to institute an AWARDS PROGRAM for out to achievers. Each person who places first in our Zone rankings will received a custom-designed ZONE CERTIFICATE. This is relatively inexpensive, and will be instituted for all three courses. This will involved printing and sending approximately 500 certificates.

Championship meets: I would like to continue the practice of offering two quality meets (SCY & LCM) as Zone Championships. Not only does this promote the Dixie Zone, but it also gives us an opportunity to raise funds for our awards program. I'd like to see a rotation of these meets around the Zone at meets that are already well-established. My recommendations for the 1993 Zone Championship meets, subject to their approval, are as follows: SCY -- New Orleans LA (2/19-21/93) Bolts Mardi Gras Meet; LCM -- St. Petersburg, FL (mid-July, '93) St. Pete LCM. Other locations are welcome to "bid" for these meets.

Financial Statement, Dixie Zone 1992 (as of September 26, 1992)

INCOME, from USMS budgeted

INCOME, from Championship Meets

EXPENSES, from USMS budget

EXPENSES, from championship meets

BALANCE, from USMS budget

BALANCE, from championship meets

BUDGET, Dixie Zone 1993

INCOME, from USMS budgeted

Income from Championship meets

Expenses from USMS budget

Expenses from Championship meets