Minutes from the Dixie Zone Annual Meeting

Committee: Dixie Zone
Date: September 25, 1993
Recorder: Rocky Motter
Chair: Scott Rabalais
Committee Members present: 16

In attendance: Chairman Scott Rabalais, Ceil Blackwell, Janice Krauser, June Krauser, Elleen Schappel, Catie Cooper, Charlie Kohnken, John Maguire, Barbara Bower, Pat Wilson, Lisa Watson, Maury Schott, Joe Kurtzman, Lil Haneman, Judy Bonning, Roxanne Motter

Financial: Scott Rabalais reviewed the 1993 Dixie Zone Finances as passed out emphasizing that payment of expenses first come from the USMS allotment of $350.00. To date for the year 1993, with a carry over of $246.67 from 1992, the Zone had an income of $349.00 from Zone meets and expenses of $181.47 leaving a balance of $414.10. A motion was made to accept the Financial Report as stated. The motion was seconded and passed.

Championship Meets: Scott reminded everyone that there would be one more meet in 1993, a SCM in Anderson, South Carolina. He also announced that in 1994 the SCY Zone meet would be in Raleigh, North Carolina on April 16-17. Since there were two LMSC's bidding for the LCM meet, the Committee by vote decided on St. Pete, Florida on July 23-24. Although there was a question of Orlando hosting a SCM meet, it was decided that the Bolts of New Orleans host it on the second weekend of December, the 10th and 11th, since it was a firm bid.

Janice Krauser suggested that the LMSCs be reminded that bids for Zone meets will be accepted up to the time of the annual Zone Meeting at Convention which normally is held the 4th week in September. In order for future hosts to be prepared Scott said that he would put out a formal bidding form for that purpose and will consider two meets if distance becomes a factor. Most everyone thought that rotation of meets such as they do on the National level should be taken into consideration also.

Top 10 and Records: Rocky Motter thanked all for their superb cooperation in sending in meet results and sending them in not only with team affiliations but some with notation of out of zone swimmers. Charlie Kohnken suggested using only the disks that are sent to Walt Reid to help with the work of entering so many swim meets. The idea is great and one to work toward in the future when a better computer program comes along maybe. For now Rocky would like not only meet results but also a copy of the printout sent to Walt if possible and if possible with a notation of out of Dixie Zone swimmers. Both LMSCs in Florida very very successfully are doing that now. Rocky also said that she and Scott are working on the possibility of using laser printing for publishing the Top 10 and Records.

Newsletter: Scott Rabalais reviewed his contacts and topics for the Newsletter and asked for further ideas or preferences to be included in the letter. Pat Wilson asked for better cooperation in exchanging newsletters. Maury Schott suggested greater emphasis on education of rules and regulations pertaining especially to safety as well as other areas. Scott reminded all that the Newsletter was published in January, April, July, and October and will try to put meet entries in if so desired and if there is room.

New Business: Scott Rabalais reviewed the Survey Results as passed out saying that there were 10 responses which was about 10% of the LMSC Club population. Most all seemed content with the status quo.

Scott presented the "Awards Across America" program as a possible project our Zone could institute. After a discussion Joe Kurtzman made a motion to have the Dixie Zone adopt the "Awards Across America" program as a special project. The motion was seconded and passed. Scott said he would get it started in 1994 with himself as coordinator. Swim meets could help by advertising in their entry forms for interested swimmers to bring in old unwanted ribbons and medals for the proper distribution. The purpose of the "Awards Across America" program is to recycle awards to those agencies and groups which represent the disabled and underprivileged. LMSCs will be asked to solicit agencies in their area who may benefit from this service. The LMSCs will also be asked to solicit members to donate old and unused awards.

Several members presented ideas for physical fitness programs such as logging distance or times entering water. It was suggested that those ideas be sent to the Physical Fitness Committee or the LMSC Fitness Chairmen.

Scott reminded all LMSCs to turn in the minutes of their Annual meeting to the National Office as soon as possible.

Scott also asked the LMSCs to turn into him the allocated money for his trip to Convention. John Maguire of Florida suggested that we change our form of funding the Zone Representative to one where each LMSC shares equally or use some of the money from the Treasury. For the past ten years the funding has been based on a % of members in each LMSC, and the Zone Rep was coming from Florida, the largest of the LMSCs. The general consensus seemed to be to keep the present policy.

Election of Zone Representative: Since there were no nominations and Scott Rabalais wished to continue, he is still our great and wonderful Zone Representative.