Minutes from the Dixie Zone Annual Meeting

Committee: Dixie Zone
Date: September 10, 1994
Recorder: Rocky Motter
Chair: Scott Rabalais
Committee Members present: 19

In attendance: 13 voting members: Joe Kurtzman (SC), Meegan Wilson (FL), Pat Wilson (SE), Lisa Watson (GA), Charlie Kohnken (FL), Lil Haneman (FGC), George Simon (NC), Ceil Blackwell (NC), Krista Phillips (NC), Jerry Glancy (FL), Carl House (FGC), Randy Nutt (FGC). 5 non-voting members: June Krauser (FGC), Barbara Bower (SO), Catie Cooper (FL), Judy Bonning (FGC), Mary Lee Watson (SE)

Scott Rabalais opened the meeting by reviewing a newly written list of USMS-Dixie Zone Policies. After a discussion concerning fee payments to convention for the Zone's representative, a motion was made to accept the Zone's Policy statement as read. It was seconded and approved. Scott announced "Awards Across America" collections should be sent to him and requested any names of agencies or organizations that might accept them. He has found two. It was suggested that new teams just starting up might want them, too. A discussion of clubs not following the proper rules arose. Everyone was reminded that such infractions can be settled by permitting or not permitting the sanctions of meets.

Newsletter: Scott reported that the newsletter comes out four times a year for the purpose of communicating with all the LMSCs, for forwarding National news as well as Zone etc. and asked if it were meeting the needs of the LMSCs. Everyone seemed quite pleased the way it was and felt Scott was doing a fine job. Scott thanked all for sending their newsletter to him for it helped to pass on important news through his letter. For those who would like to receive other LMSC's newsletters, he suggested contacting the editors with that request.

Top Ten and Records: Rocky Motter apologized to all for leaving out two important swim meets which did not come to her and passed out an "errata" list which updated and corrected the Short Course Yards Dixie Zone Records and Top 10. Because of the difficulty of finding swims outside the Dixie Zone it was suggested that perhaps the newsletter editors could remind swimmers that any swims they swam outside of the Dixie Zone be forwarded to Rocky. Also Sanction Chairmen could add to their instructions to Meet Managers to send a copy of meet results to her. Many don't. Rocky asked if there was any interested in keeping up with open water swims, but because of the varying distance lengths the committee felt it would be useless. It was requested that some form of I.D. be added to the swimmers on the Top 10 list such as team or LMSC identification. Walt Reid's program, which is used to compile the information, does not handle that problem but Rocky said she would try to put it in another format where it might be able to be done. She thanked all for their cooperation on Top 10.

Championship meets: Scott reported that all three championship meets went off very well, Anderson having about 160 swimmers, Raleigh over 210, and St. pete about 175. He reminded all that the Zone SCM meet this fall will be at the University of New Orleans, December 9-11. Lisa Watson's bid on her St. Patrick Day meet in Atlanta, Georgia on March 18-19 for the Zone SCY meet was the sole bid and was accepted, as well as Scott Rabalais's sole bid for LCM in Baton Rouge, LA on July 28-29. Judy Bonning bid for the SCM Zone meet but because the pool is not yet built the committee would like to ask Anderson if they would have it this time. Maybe Judy can have it next time.

Meet schedule (so far)

SCY - Pensacola FL, Oct. 1-2
SCY - Knoxville TN, Oct. 22-23
SCM - Anderson SC, Nov 1st weekend
SCM - New Orleans LA, Dec. 9-11
SCY - Fort Lauderdale FL, Dec. 2-4
SCM - Charlotte NC, Dec. 3
SCY - Charlotte NC, Jan 28-29
SCY - St. Pete FL, early April 1995 (it's 25th and the longest running swim meet in the country)
SCY - Atlanta GA, Mar. 18-19
SCY - Greensboro NC, Mar. 25-26 (not final)
SCY - Raleigh NC, April 22-23
LCM - Maryland Farms TN, July (maybe)
LCM - Atlanta GA, Aug. 12-13

Scott Rabalais asked everyone to please send in any other meets to him as soon as possible.

Financial: Scott reviewed the financial statement as passed out. The balance from the USMS allotment to date is $17.06. Income from the Zone account to date was $414.10 while expenditures were $359.00 leaving a balance of $437.64. $175.00 is still to come in from the St. Pete meet.

Other: Judy Bonning passed out a survey for the coaches to complete compiled by Lucky Meisenheimer, President of MACA, and asked everyone to give them to their coaches and return them as soon as possible.

Scott Rabalais reminded the committee that his term will be up next year and does not wish to continue.

Since there was no other business the meeting was adjourned.