Minutes from the Dixie Zone Annual Meeting

Committee: Dixie Zone
Date: September 26, 1997
Recorder: Lisa Watson
Chair: June Krauser
Committee Members present: 27

In attendance: June Krauser (FGC), Randy Nutt (FGC), Rick Harris (SE), George Simon (NC), Ceil Blackwell (NC), Joseph Kurtzman (FL), Tom Richards (SC), Harold Ferris (FL), Mary Lee Watson (SE), Junie Ewing (SE), Condit Lotz (GA), Bill Lotz (GA), Katie Cooper (FL), Charlie Kohnken (FL), Michelle Bekoff (FGC), Carl House (FGC), Anne McGuire (FGC), Lil Haneman (FGC), Scott Rabalais (SO), Aaron Schneider (SO), Lisa Watson (GA), Jean Fox (SE), Ken & Gloria Nemet (FGC), Larry Peck (FL), Diane Black (GA), Hill Carrow (NC), Steven Fair (SE)

The Dixie Zone convened on Friday, September 26 with zone representative June Krauser presiding. A roll call was taken of attending Dixie Zone delegates and is included with this report. The financial report was distributed to the members and discussed. Current balance in the Dixie Zone treasurery is $568.03 + $292.63 which is owed from USMS.

June discussed the newsletter policy for the Dixie Zone. The newsletter is published four times each year and distributed to Dixie Zone clubs, convention delegates, Dixie Zone LMSC chairmen, and newsletter editors.

Rocky Motter was commended for her work as Dixie Zone Top Ten & Records Chairman. The SCY Top Ten have recently been published. It was discovered that there was a missing page from the results and this will be sent out in the next Zone newsletter. Rocky, who was unable to attend this year's convention, sent a letter stressing the importance for meet directors to send meet results in the correct meet format and use team listings to help distinguish between Zone and out of Zone swimmers. Rocky requested a volunteer to take over her position and Steven Fair of Pensacola volunteered to assume the responsibility of Dixie Zone Recorder. This transition will occur after the SCM Top Ten have been published.

Bids were taken for the three Zone Championship meets in 1998. The following bids were awarded:

SCY -- Atlanta GA -- March 14-15, 1998
LCM -- Greenville SC -- June 27-28, 1998
SCM -- Orlando FL -- Oct 10-11, 1998

The various Zone teams were solicited for meet information to form a working 1998 Dixie Zone Calendar of Events. These meets were listed chronologically by month as follows:

Carl House gave an update on computer status in the Dixie Zone and USMS. He acknowledged that some LMSCs have their own web page, while other LMSCs might be better served by referring to the USMS home page.

Next agenda item was election of the Dixie Zone Representative. June Krauser was unanimously re-elected for another term.

June informed the embers that as Dixie Zone Representative, she will be voting for the new Zone Chairman and her vote will represent the vote of the Dixie Zone. Candidates for the office are Hugh Moore and Dot Donnelly. The Dixie Zone expressed their desire to vote for Dot Donnelly.

Randy Nutt reviewed the concept of the Coaches Mentor program offered to the zones through the USMS Coaches Committee. The program allows for one per zone for $500 and anyone is encouraged to apply. Randy expressed the desire of his team to apply for this.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:15 pm.