Minutes from the Dixie Zone Annual Meeting

Committee: Dixie Zone
Date: October 3, 1998
Recorder: Lisa Watson
Chair: June Krauser
Committee Members present: 24

In attendance: Voting members: June Krauser (FGC), Lisa Watson (GA), Scott Rabalais (SO), Carl House (FGC), Joe Kurtzman (FL), George Simon (NC), Don Gilchrist (NC), Condit Lotz (GA), Bill Lotz (GA), Jean Fox (SE), Rick Harris (SE), Harold Feris (FL), Charles Kohnken (FL), Randy Nutt (FGC), Katie Cooper (FL), Frank Tillotson (FL), Debbie Cavanaugh (FGC), Mary Lee Watson (SE), Jerry Glancy (FL), Joie Stanley (SO), Lil Haneman (FGC). Non-voting members: Rhea Wilkins (NC), David Morrill (FGC), Jim Enyart (NC)

Action items:


I. Zone Specific Tasks

A. Financial Report: Chairman June Krauser gave the financial report. Ending balance was $1369.70, compared with a 1997 ending balance of $860.66. Increased balance was due to lower convention expense payments by the zone for the chair and additional money from USMS for newsletters.

B. Newsletter: Four issues of the "Dixie Zone News" were sent to all 1997 Dixie Zone delegates and convention participants, Dixie Zone chairmen and newsletter editors, USMS President, Executive Secretary, and Zone representatives, and all Dixie Zone club representatives.

C. Top Ten & Records: The Dixie Zone thanked Rocky Motter and her husband for publishing the last LCM and SCM records. Steven Fair of Pensacola has volunteered to assume this position: his report for SCY Top Ten has not yet been received.

D. Zone Meets: The three zone meets for 1998 were SCY-Atlanta GA, LCM-Greenville NC, SCM-Anderson SC

E. Computer Reports: The Dixie Zone authorized the creation of a Dixie Zone web site address. This could provide a means of communication for the Dixie Zone newsletter, meet entry forms, and possibly Dixie Zone Top Ten results. George Simon, Carl House, and Scott Rabalais will forma subcommittee to look into this. George also discussed the possibility of having standardized meet entries: the North Carolina LMSC is already doing that.

F. E-mail Addresses: June mentioned that having e-mail address of LMSC representatives was very helpful. It was noted that e-mail addresses were included last year in the convention packet, but not this year. Several members at the meeting provided their e-mail addresses to her.

II. Zone Activities for 1999

A. Championship Meet Bids: 1999 Zone bids were awarded to the following sites: SCY-Raleigh NC, April 17-18; LCM-Baton Rouge LA, July 30-Aug 1 (tentative date); Coral Springs FL, Dec 3-5

B. Calendar for 1999: A tentative calendar was created for 1999 for meets and open water events.

III. Coaches Mentor Program: Scott Rabalais, chair of the Coaches Committee, announced several coaching programs that could be made available to LMSCs. This included the Coaches Mentor Clinics, Nike Olympic Clinics, Open Water clinics, and Olympic Training Center Swim Camp. LMSCs should contact Scott if they are interested in pursuing one of these services for use in their area.

IV. Verify Election Process Database: June went over the election procedures which will be in effect for next year's elections. She also verified the process used by each LMSC and the date of their annual meeting.

V. Verify LMSC Address Database: The committee decided to have all LMSC registrars in the Dixie Zone submit a copy of their database of officers to June.

VI. Future Direction of Zones: Future direction goals of the zone and zone chair were discussed. These goals included maintaining zone policies, handling disputes within LMSCs and zones, educating LMSCs about the need to comply with USMS rules and LMSC by-laws and serving as a source of communication for the LMSCs.

VII. Discussion of 'Hot' Convention Topics: There was some discussion of certain rule proposals being submitted to the house of delegates. The committee was in favor of the proposal to adapt to the FINA policy of determining a swimmer's age as of December 31.

VIII New Business

Lisa Watson suggested having Dixie Zone Top Ten patches made available to al Top Ten finishers in each course who desire them, for a nominal fee. The committee voted to create a design for a patch and have Top Ten patches made available to Top Ten finishers. Lisa will look into creating a design for the patch.

Scott Rabalais encouraged involvement of LMSC coaches in MACA. The committee nominated representatives from the different LMSCs in the Dixie Zone to serve as representatives. These representatives included Pat Frank, Jonathan Coyle, Heather Hageman, Steven Fair, Dotty Whitcomb, and Scott Rabalais.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 11:55 am.