Dixie Zone Newsletter

October-December 2000

Zone Representative: June Krauser

Dixie Zone Committee Minutes | USMS Convention Report | Top 10/Records | Editor's Notes


Zone Meeting Minutes - Saturday, October 14, 2000 - submitted by Lisa Watson

Dixie Zone Chair June Krauser called the meeting to order. The committee members introduced themselves. There were 26 Dixie Zone delegates attending the meeting.


Income: Balance 9/18/99 of $1,550.34

120.00 - Coral Springs SCM zone championships
274.00 - Dynamo SCY zone championships
97.71 -- USMS, Apr-Jun
97.47 -- USMS, Jul-Aug
177.00 - patches


264.24 - '99 Convention
56.78 -- Oct-Dec News
258.00 - patches
105.05 - Jan-Mar News
97.71 -- Apr-Jun News
8.38 --- zone relay pictures
97.47 -- Jul-Sep News
4.20 --- mailing patches

Balance October, 2000: $1,355.11

TOP TEN/Records

The committee recognized and congratulated Dick Brewer and Ed Saltzman for their efforts in compiling and updating the Dixie Zone records, which had not been done since 1997. Ed produced these updated records in poster size form for the members to view. Ed stressed the importance for each LMSC recorder to keep updated records and to make sure that documentation is provided for all records. It was also stressed that swimmers should realize that it is their responsibility to get these documented results to their LMSC recorder. Chris Gilligan suggested that it would be helpful to have this stated in the LMSC newsletters as a reminder for swimmers. Dick Brewer suggested that when LMSC Top Ten recorders submit results for National Top Ten, carbon copies should be made and distributed to all LMSC Top Ten recorders within the Dixie Zone. The committee strongly supported this. Dick and Ed will each b e responsible to Top Ten Results of certain LMSC's: Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina should submit results to Ed, and Southern, Southeastern, Florida, and Florida Gold Coast should submit results to Dick. The Dixie Zone voted to make the following requirement for Dixie Zone Meets: meet directors will be responsible for insuring that copies of meet results, hard disk or electronic, are sent to the LMSC Top Ten recorders.


Dick Brewer placed a Dixie Zone Calendar on a map. This calendar will be posted on the Dixie Zone website (http://home.att.net/~dixiezone). It is also in this Newsletter. It was noted that some of the events listed might be subject to change. Deb Cavanaugh suggested that the Dixie Zone mandate that no other meets within the Zone be scheduled during Dixie Zone Championships, as a means of promoting these Championship events. The committee supported this idea, but felt that whereas it could not be mandated, it could be strongly suggested.


Two sites submitted bids for the Dixie Zone SCY Championships: Auburn AL and Raleigh NC> Two bids were also submitted for the Dixie Zone LCM Championships: Greenville SC and Sarasota FL. One bid from Orlando FL was submitted for the Dixie Zone SCM Championships. The zone awarded Championships bids to the following venues for 2001:

The Dixie Zone voted to include an Open Water venue as a zone Championships and chose the Buford Dam 5K in Buford GA as the site for this first annual event.


Scott Rabalais, Coaches Committee Chair, reported that the Coaches Mentor program has been very successful. Five coaching clinics have been given throughout the country with very positive feedback. Randy Nutt also reported that four open water clinics have been conducted. Scott further reported that the Coaches Committee is proposing conducting 2-3 day coaching schools to assist coaches.


Marty Hamburger, who will be in charge of the on-deck coaching for 2001 Nationals, stated the desire to have this service available also at the zone level. Scott suggested that we implement this at the upcoming zone SCY Championships at Auburn in February. Committee members were asked to give suggestions for improvement of the on-deck coaching at the convention. Suggestions included better communication between coaches at workouts and methods of insuring a better choice of lane assignments.


Hill Carrow reported that Raleigh NC plans to host the U.S. Masters Games in 2003, probably in June. The intent is to make the swimming events in a format similar to USMS Nationals, have the site as SCM, and hopefully rotate venues throughout the years. Randy Nutt reported that Plantation FL plans to bid for SC Nationals in 2003 and asked for support of the Dixie Zone. He also said that Coral Springs is discussing a possible LC bid. Lisa Watson emphasized the need for committee members to vote to do away with the current rotation system in place for Nationals so that both bids would be possible in 2003. It was noted that Scott would be running for USMS Vice President next year. The Dixie Zone expressed its support of Scott.


Swimming... A Life's Passion

The USMS Convention was held in Kissimmee FL October 11-15, 2000. Our convention is held in conjunction with United States Aquatic Sports. A new Zone Committee Chair was elected and it was Lynn Hazelwood. The Insurance Reception on Thursday night was excellent and was held outside around a pool. The Banquet on Saturday night was very LONG (7 pm - 11:55 pm). However, we did have the best Masters Skit ever! Following is a brief summary of the 21 Standing Committee meetings and the 5 Ad Hoc Committee meetings.


There were 3 bids submitted for SCY Nationals and the House of Delegates voted for the U. of Hawaii on May 15-19, 2002. Only one bid for LCM Nationals and that was awarded to Cleveland State U. for August 15-19, 2002. Four designs were submitted for a new National Patch and Bill Volckening's design was chosen. The USMS National Meet Survey results are in and it was found that the ideal length of each meet session should be 7-8 hours. Since many nationals exceed that length, the committee is focusing on ways to reduce that time factor, such as total deck seeding (which will be done at Santa Clara this year) and tighter NQT's. The survey was sent to a random sample of 1200 USMS "Top 10" swimmers with 780 responding.


There are 800 coaches registered in the National database. The committee would like the LMSC reps to assume a more active role in the LMSC. The next OTC is Feb. 10-15, 2001, and applications are still being taken for swimmers and coaches. Mentor Coach and Swimmer Clinics are available with $500 seed money from USMS. There are Open Water Clinics available. NIKE has decided to forego clinics. Education and information includes Ask the Coach (for SWIM Magazine), Coaches Committee Quarterly, Video Library and Book Library. Programs include Munich Coaching Program, Snooper Loan Program, and On-Deck Coaching.


Try to select a new web-hosting provider by 11/15/00 and move the USMS web site in time for SC Nationals on-line availability. A draft privacy policy was accepted by the Legal Counselors and will be integrated into the USMS web site shortly. The House of Delegates voted to accept the Webmaster as a contract position. For 2001, we will switch over to the PDF version of the Rule Book and modify the links to the rule book sections to use these files. Once the USMS web site has been re-hosted to a new web server, we will update the LMSC officers listing which is severely outdated in many areas. Web hosting services will be offered to LMSC's and zones.


Members were assigned to committee meetings to be sure the set-up was okay. Members helped to staff the hospitality suite. Members spent many hours collating minutes and stuffing the accordion files before the House of Delegates meetings.


The Treasurer reported Cash and Cash Equivalents: $121,000 net income for 1999. Assets total $933,550 as of 9/30/00. General reserve is $150,000 (3 months expenses) and insurance reserve is $120,000. Registration is largest source of income. The 2001 budget was approved with a $42,193 deficit. Budget corrections and requests were considered.


Fitness events include Swim Around Revilla (total of 135 miles in Ketchican, Alaska); the Y2K Training Triathlon (run by YMCA Masters Swim Team), Check-off Challenge (New England Masters). The Strokes for Stroke needs help. The committee will offer suggestions.


Our excellent loss history (we have had very few claims) continues to be the main reason that our rates and coverages are as good as they are. The Secondary Personal Accident Insurance is paid by USMS member registrations. The Directors and Officers Liability covers the Executive Board down to the LMSC level. A Travel Assistance Program (for meets more than 100 miles from home) was presented by Peak Insurance. Covers all 40,000 USMS members while at a sanctioned/recognized meet 100 miles away from home (add to Secondary Accidental policy coverage). Question: Can a Masters Club 'hold' a meet outside of the United States and have coverage? Answer: If it is a sanctioned/recognized meet, then the USMS member is covered. But the real issue is who will sanction the meet? USMS can't sanction a meet outside the U.S. Must be sanctioned by the FINA Federation in the country where the meet is being held.


Two large international meets were held during last year -- Pan Pacs in October in Perth, Australia, and the VIII FINA World Masters Swimming Championships held in Munich, Germany, in July-August. The IX FINA World Masters Swimming Championships 2002 will be held on March 21-April 3 in Christchurch, NZ. Their web site is www.eventnz.co.nz. The USMS International Contacts is accessible at www.usms.org under Administration. The closing dates for submitting FINA World Records are May 1 and November 1 each year.


The Computer On-Line committee was re-named the Communications Committee and will encompass the USMS Web Master and Magazine Editor positions.


Surveys sent to LMSC's in July -- many were not returned. An article about safety in open water swimming will be in SWIM Magazine. A prerequisite for hosting the One Hour Postal Swim would be a successful running of a previous postal national championship. A discussion for a wet suit category in National Championships will take place in the coming year. The committee encourages medals through 6th place in National Championships and Open Water events beginning 2003. There is a shortage of cable swims.

2002 Long Distance National Championships

Coaches Committee has $500 available for 4 LD clinics in 2001. There is an Open Water Clinic Manual.


The USMS Display is completed and will be exhibited at 3-5 sites. A usage request policy is currently being developed. The potential for a media "kit" was discussed. A new poster will be produced.


Obtained permission of Collegiate Swimming Officials Association (CSOA) Executive Director to use that organization's certifying process as a USMS approved certifying body. Finalized USMS Officials Committee Liaison guidelines for National Championships. Sent a proposal to USA Swimming that would allow certification of Masters officials by working a combination of USA/USMS meets. Need to work out some details before it can be implemented. USMS Officials Training Program (Certification Manual, 1992) will be updated to make it current.


Recommends that USMS subscribe to various publications to be used to create a database of information pertaining to recently constructed pools. The information being made available to any party exploring the possibility of new commercial pool construction. It was suggested that the committee establish a special event during 2001 with proceeds to benefit the Endowment Fund. Two altitude-training camps are scheduled for 2001: February and November. The organizers of the Senior Games are very willing to cooperate with USMS to improve the quality and efficiency of these events.


It was determined that USMS Official awards are awards initiated and presented by the National body (USMS). The Service Award was renamed the Dorothy Donnelly USMS Service Award. We have two categories of awards -- National (USMS Award -- Ransom J. Arthur Award) and Official Recognition (Dorothy Donnelly Service Award, Coach of the Year Award, and USMS Newsletter of the Year Award). Current winners of the Official Recognition Awards will be printed in the Rule Book. All proposals for Official Recognition shall come through the committee for purposes of coordination.


We now have a database of the total number of records for ISHOF nominations. Reporting results of relays in the Top Ten compilation has been changed to the order that we use for individual events (sex - age group - event - time). Check on Top Ten subscriptions being handled by the National office. Proposed a new home page for the Top Ten (swimgold) website to improve navigation within the Top Ten site. Revise All-Star determination procedure. Survey LMSC's to identify different methods and software used by Top Ten recorders.


Registration actually operates out of two different offices. Esther receives the electronic copies and Tracy receives the hard copy forms and checks. It is critical to provide a copy in the email a summary of the number registered and the contributions. Problems are caused by the use of comma and the use of the number sign (#) within the address and names. An issue was raised about the registration date that is entered into the program; this date should reflect the date that the swimmer is actually registered. The official date is the date that an official LMSC representative receives the form.


There were eight submissions for the cover design with Bill Volckening's design being selected. Gateway was again awarded the bid for printing the book. There will be 1200 copies of the full rule book and 400 copies of the mini rule book. The committee voted to dedicate the 2001 rule book to Gene Donner and the staff at Gateway Printing.


This being a Rules year, there were many items reviewed. The most important new rules follow:

1. For all courses, the backstroke start is the same -- toes must be placed under the water.
2. Referee to be notified in writing of the intent to record an initial split BEFORE the conclusion of the meet.
3. Referee to be notified in writing PRIOR to the start of a backstroke or relay leadoff split attempt.
4. Meet director of a National Championships meet has the option to deck seed any or all events.
5. SC National Championships may be SCY or SCM.
6. NQTs will be figured differently to make them more consistent year to year.


The USMS Safety Handbook for Swimmers is being revised and if completed in time will be sent to each club with the 2001 Rule Book. It was suggested that articles for Safety Education be written for SWIM Magazine. It was suggested to try and get a sponsor to print and laminate safety signs. An article of water quality issues during open water swims will be published in SWIM.


A member of the committee should be present at the OTC camp to gather more data. Articles for SWIM Magazine have been written and are waiting for publication. Two projects are being considered for research: "Parkinson's Disease" and "Osteoporosis & Swimming."


The current nominating system was discussed. The process for 2001 will be

1. Call for nominations printed in Jan/Feb SWIM and the National Office Newsletter
2. Nominations due to Zone Com Chair by Feb. 28
3. Questionnaires sent to each nominee. Resumes and questionnaires due to Zone Com Chair by Mar 31.
4. Evaluation forms sent to Committee Chairs that each nominee has served on and returned by end of April. Personal letters of reference will be the responsibility of the nominee and due back by end of April.
5. Zone committee will evaluate material and prepare a slate of candidates by June 15.
6. Each candidate will submit a picture by July 10.
7. The Zone Chair will submit all of the above to the National Office for inclusion in the convention packet by Aug. 1

Nominations from the floor must be accepted. "Meet the Candidates Forum" night was recommended. The committee will proceed with the pilot project on pool utilization for 2 or 3 LMSC's.


Many were interested in this meeting. Discussed was the status of our archives. The goal is to establish the USMS Historical Archives in the Henning Library at the International Swimming Hall of Fame in Fort Lauderdale. Databases now exist covering most of the desired subjects. Storing paper archives is now a top priority. The committee needs USMS and LMSC resource people.


Some changes in the selection process for all NGB's should be expected. A presentation was made displaying the national records project. Because the selection for next year was from a different NGB, the previously submitted candidates of Laura Val, Drury Gallagher, and Paul Hutinger will remain for 2002.


Addressed two issues with respect to privacy. First, drafted a privacy policy for USMS reflecting current privacy policies. Second, outlined additional privacy issues to consider. Questioned whether the E-Sign bill can be applied to USMS meet registration, membership renewal, and initial membership registration.


The Professional Management Guidelines were accepted. The committee recommended that USMS Webmaster receive the sum of $10,000 and that the USMS SWIM Magazine Editor receive the sum of $5,000. The Ad Hoc Professional Management Committee has fulfilled its mission and was disbanded.


The current status of the Endowment Fund was reported with a balance of $34,147.98 as of 9/30/00. A number of suggestions were made to improve the opportunities for increased funding.

Top Ten / Records

For those of you who may not have been at convention and for those who were, I'd like to recap the discussions we had concerning the DZ Top Ten and DZ Records.

First records: Dick Brewer (dickbrewer@worldnet.att.net) and myself (Edward.Saltzman@bellsouth.com) are attempting to update the DZ records and keep them up to date going forward. We have started with the last known copy of the DZ records dated 1997 and applied the most recent individual LMSC records pulled from the internet or provided by the LMSC. We have applied the LMSC records of Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, and (soon to be applied) Florida Gold Coast. We still need the LMSC records for South Carolina, Southern, and Southeastern. Also waiting some corrections from Jerry Clark (NC). If your LMSC is listed as outstanding above (SC, SO, SE), please forward your LMSC records to Ed Saltzman at the e-mail address above, or if you only have a hard copy, to

Ed Saltzman
5060 Cameron Forest Parkway
Aspharetta GA 30022

As soon as we have completed the update and cleanup process, we will post the complete DZ Records for all three course on the DZ web page for all to use. Our plan is to depend on the Top Ten/Records chairs in each LMSC to keep their own records up to date. They can then forward any new records, as they occur, to me so we can apply them to the Zone Records. We will also attempt to collect everyone's records once a year and sync up the zone records. From my standpoint, it's probably easier to apply updates as the occur and keep the zone records udpated throughout the year. Let me know your thoughts.

Secondly, Dixie Zone Top Ten: Everyone should have supplied Pieter Cath (USMS) with your Long Course Meters Top Ten list sometime during the past month or so. If you can forward a copy of your submissions to me (Ed Saltzman) at the e-mail or address above within the next two weeks, Dick and I will try to compile the DZ Top Ten Listing and post it on the DZ Home page by the end of November. Going forward -- if Georgia, South Carolina, and Northcarolina will copy me on your Top Ten submissions to Pieter; and if Florida, Florida Gold Coast, Southern, and Southeastern will copy Dick Brewer on your submissions to Pieter, we will create and maintain a DZ Top Ten List on the DZ Home page for each of the courses (SCY, LC, SCM). We should be able to get these posted within a short timeframe following the USMS cut-off dates for Top Ten Submission for each of these courses. You should supply the same submission perparations and formatting as you would for USMS Top Ten submissions as detailed in the LMSC handbook or off of the USMS homepage under Top Ten/Records. Please advise your swimmers that once they are listed on the Dixie Zone Top Ten, we have beautiful Dixie Zone Top Ten patches like USMS that can be purchased from Debbie Cavanaugh to commemorate their accomplishment for $3.

Dick Brewer
2871 4th Street NE
Naples FL 34120
Debbie Cavanaugh
P.O. Box 14341
Ft. Lauderdale FL 33302

Editor's Note

I can't begin to thank these three people enough: Dick Brewer (Dixie Zone webmaster, Top Ten/Records), Ed Saltzman (Top Ten/Records), and Lisa Watson (Dixie Zone secretary). Thanks guys. You make us all look great!

Don't forget to vote next year for our Dixie Zone candidate for USMS Vice-President: Scott Rabalais (Southern LMSC).

Action items from the minutes:

A Dixie Zone working calendar as well as meet dates and information are available at this Dixie Zone web page.