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January-March 2001

Zone Representative: June Krauser

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9th FINA World Masters Championships| East-West Callenge Continues

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TRIBUTE TO JAYNE, 7/27/39 to 11/25/00

A wisp of a refreshing breeze against your face on a hot summer's day. A smile that brightens everyone within its gentle radius. A teammate that cares more about your race than she does hers. Someone that could make you feel special and important even though you knew you were one of a thousand. A worthy competitor in any event, any year, any time of the year. Lipstick that matched her latex cap and just the "right" suit to show them both off. A kind word and just the right question for you at just the right time. Fun on wheels. A Mardi Gras party waiting for a place to happen. An open door for anyone that needed a place. Special memories. Can't get tha grin out of my mind... don't want to... see ya' later, Jayne. ...Gary Bastie, St. Pete Masters

Jayne Mann Lambke was born in Oklahoma and spent the first several years of her life there. She began swimming at an early age and soon showed promise of becoming an outstanding swimmer. At the age of 13, she broke the 50m free record for the 13-14 age group at the Southeastern U.S. Junior Olympic Meet. Jayne's time was 32.8.

Jayne married early and began her family. While living in New Orleans, she began to coach age group swimmes. She missed swimming and competing and joined the Masters.

When Jayne moved to St. Petersburg, she joined the St. Pete Masters, and with George Bole's skillful coaching, she began to break all kinds of records. She was an All-American each year since 1989 and was selected to the All-Star team in 1994 and 1995.

Although Jayne had not been feeling well for over a year, she competed at SC Nationals in Indianapolis last May and won all six of her events. Jayne Mann Lambke will be missed by swimmers all over the world. Her out-going personality, her encouragement, and her warmth touched many of us.


by Steve Wycoff

The 18th Annual Electric City Masters Swoim Meet, designated as the Dixie Zone SCM Championship this year, was held on Nov. 4-5 at the Sheppard Swim Center in Anderson, SC.

177 Masters swimmers from 16 teams swam in the meet. Parris Island won the team champinship with 2,629 points and the Georgia Masters were second with 2,253. Third place went to the North Carolina Masters, followed by Team Greenville, the Gamecock Aquatic Masters, and the host Anderson Masters.

Robert Poiletman of Gamecock lowered his own World and American records in the 200m butterfly with a time of 2:30.49 for his 55-59 age group. Florence Carr, swimming unattached, set a new American record in the 50m freestyle with a time of 40.66 and new American and World records in the 100m freestyle with a time of 1:31.78 in her 75-79 age group. Congratulations to Robert and Florence. Many state records, Dixie Zone Top Ten and National Top Ten times were established as well.

The Anderson Masters social on Saturday night featured good food and a drawing for prizes handed out by Van and Vanna. The "Elvis" award was presented to John Kortheuer of the North Carolina Masters for his support of and dedication to Masters swimming. John received the colorful bust of Elvis along with an "Elvis does the Butterfly" t-shirt, and he will be known as the "King of Swimming" for the next year. Hopefully everyone had a great weekend in Anderson and we hope to see you back in November, 2001, for the 19th Annual.


by Paul & Margie Hutinger

Yes, in Florida, with a stridt hand counting of all Maverick ballots, most of which were received by the deadline, we can ahppily announce a winner. Several. The proposed slate faced little opposition from write-ins. Out of 50 members, voter turnout was 28%, lower than the other perhaps better known election.


9th FINA World Masters Championships
P.O. Box 2951
Christchurch 8001, New Zealand


by Jerry Clark, Chairman of the NC LMSC

The clubs in the western half of the state are chomping at the bit to return the Challenge Cup back to their side of the state in 2001. The rivalry picks up with the Sunbelt Meet January 27-28 in Charlotte, then continues with the State Meet in Releigh April 7-8.

Last year, the West had a lead of about 1,000 points after the snow/ice-recycled meet in Charlotte in February. But the Easterners came out in mass for the April meet in Raldigh, and when the droplets settled, the East finished ahead by about 2,000 points.

To this day I don't know how they went from a 1,000 point deficit to a 2,000 point victory in just one swim meet! Could it have been adroit scorekeeping? Nah ... no way. Maybe they fielded a larger team. I will have to study the results of both meets to find all this out.