Dixie Zone Newsletter

October-December 2002

Zone Representative: June Krauser

Minutes of Annual Meeting | Dixie Zone Treasurer's Report | USMS Convention Notes

Dixie Zone Minutes, September 14, 2002

The Chairman, June Krauser at 12:10 PM Saturday, September 14, 2002, called the meeting to order. Vice Chairman Lisa Watson was the recorder. This was a luncheon meeting and thanks to Randy Nutt for making arrangements for lunch.

1. Introduction

There were 30 Dixie Zone delegates in the room. After each delegate introduced themselves, a count was taken on how many were from each LMSC. Georgia LMSC had 6, Florida LMSC had 6, Florida Gold Coast LMSC had 6, North Carolina LMSC had 4, South Carolina LMSC had 1, Southeastern LMSC had 3, and Southern LMSC had 4.

2. Zone Specific Tasks

A. Financial Report. There was a discussion regarding the Executive Committee's recommendation that FOG be amended for zone dues collection and disbursement. Members voiced concern that this would make the process much more difficult and that it would be preferable to continue letting each zone take care of their own finances.
B. Zone Newsletters continue to be published in a timely manner.
C. Top Ten Times -- the committee commended Dick Brewer for handling Dixie Zone Top Ten Times.
D. Records -- MSA -- The committee voted to establish a written policy of guidelines for submitting times for Dixie Zone Records. Records Chairman Ed Saltzman and the Dixie Zone Top Ten Recorders will comprise this committee.
E. It was noted that we have one more 2002 Dixie Zone Meet -- SCM in Anderson SC.
F. Top Ten Patches -- Debbie Cavanaugh said that we are in good shape with patches. LMSC's were encouraged to continually remind their LMSC's that swimmers are eligible for a patch when they make the Dixie Zone Top Ten.

3. Zone Activities for 2002-2003

A. Championship Meet bids -- MSA -- The Dixie Zone Committee awarded Dixie Zone Championships to the following bids for 2003: SCY--Savannah GA (April 26-27), SCM--Marietta GA (December 6-7), Open Water-Carter's Lake GA (July 19).
B. Thanks to Ed Saltzman and Dick Brewer, we had two nice calendars to use for 2003 for a tentative calendar. These dates will eventually be found on the Dixie Zone website: www.dixiezone.org.

4. Coaches Mentor Program

Scott Rabalais encouraged the LMSC's to take advantage of the Coaches Mentor Clinics, which will provide each zone with a dual clinic for coaches and swimmers. Randy Nutt encouraged the LMSC's also to take advantage of the Open Water Clinics, which can pay $500 to bring someone to conduct a clinic.

5. Future Direction of Zones

Our members felt that the Dixie Zone was thriving and hoped this trend continues.

6. Discussion of 'Hot' Convention Topics

The new block format was discussed. On the positive side, it was a new idea and was conceived to promote interaction between committees. The big downside was that there was not enough time allocated for committees to conduct their own business. Also, with similar committees grouped together in the block format, it made it impossible for someone with similar interests to attend different committee meetings. One member suggested that if the block format continues, the committees should meet first and then come back in a group discussion.

7. New Business

Scott Rabalais was congratulated for brining LCM Nationals to the Dixie Zone since Savannah GA was awarded the LC bid for 2004!

Meeting adjourned: 1:32 PM.

United States Masters Swimming Convention Notes, September 11-15, 2002

CHAMPIONSHIP: Approved an early check in policy and the use of heat sheets for Days 2-4 at 2003 SC Nationals in Tempe. A five-day format was approved for the 2003 LC Nationals with the 1500 free on day 1 and the 800 free on day 2. Bids were awarded to Indianapolis for SC 2004 and Savannah GA for LC 2004. A swimmer must make a NQT in either the 800 or 1500m free in order to be able to swim both distance events at the 2003 LC Nationals.

COACHES: Nearly all LMSC's have a coach's representative. Clinics, camps and schools were discussed. Coaching programs include International Coaching and Online Coaching.

COMMUNICATIONS: The webmaster position was expanded to a full-time position with compensation of $60,000 per year. The new level of compensation for the USMS Webmaster and USMS Magazine Editor to be effective 10/01/02. Webmaster reported that we could save as much as $4,000 per year by purchasing our own server. SPAM and virus are out of control and Jim advises that you should never respond to unsolicited emails and that you should never click on 'REMOVE' on a SPAM e-mail.

CONVENTION: Next year directions on registration/certification will be included in the 2003 USMS convention packet. 233 delegates were registered for the convention. Next convention is in San Diego. 2004 convention is in Orlando and Debbie Cavanaugh will take over certification table in Orlando.

FINANCE: USMS dues have been increased $5 from $15 to $20. Zone Representatives were added to the list of those who are eligible for reimbursement of convention expenses under FOG. The contribution to ISHOF will now be $.25 per swimmer.

FITNESS: 3 new Fitness events have been established -- 30 Minute Swim, Check-Off Challenge, and The Virtual Swim Series. The 2002 Fitness Award was presented to Bill Volckening. The committee is developing a Fitness Handbook to be published. An "Article of the Month" will be placed on the fitness website.

HISTORY AND ARCHIVES: Procedures for LMSC's will be developed so that there will be a suggested format for local groups to archive local history. All LMSC's are encouraged to develop histories of the LMSC, and to collect stories about individuals in the LMSC. A CD demonstration showed that our maintenance procedures can be put on a CD in a Windows format where they are not yet developed for use directly on the web or where content cannot be put on the web. The committee urges that we move forward to convert digital archives to more conventional formats and affirms the general direction of 'minimal RFP.'

INSURANCE: The larger the organization gets with an increase in personnel, the more insurance is required. Our liability loss experience has been excellent. Losses for Secondary Personal Accident continue to come from slips and falls, and strains. The liability insurance carriers will not provide a quote more than 30 days prior to the policy expiration date of 1/1/03 due to climate of the insurance industry.

INTERNATIONAL: USMS will ascertain a bid for the FINA 2006 World Masters Championships. We will not entertain a bid for a Pan Am meet until there is more discussion with ASUA. We envision bidding for a Pan-Pac meet in 2005 and have had several venues express an intereste, including the new pool in Maui, HI. If we bid for the FINA 2006 World Masters Championships, both the International committee and Championships committee will be involved.

LEGISLATION: The executive committee and the Board of Directors will be involved in the BOD/Governance Task Force. Several housekeeping items were passed as legislation. Next year will be a Legislation year. It was suggested that the Legal Counselors committee look into the possibility of developing model LMSC by-laws.

LONG DISTANCE: Two objectives upon taking over committee both reached. Maximize use of electronic communication and delegating. 2004 bids awarded:

3/6000 yd postal -- Central Oregon
3-6 mile OW -- Fernandina Beach
2 Mile cable -- Indy Swim Fit
One-Hour Postal -- Tamalpais
5K/1-0K Postal -- St. Louis Area Masters
1 Mile OW -- Hopkins/Maryland Masters
6+ Mile OW -- Metropolitan Swimming
1-3 Mile OW -- Rogue Valley Masters

MARKETING: A new brochure will be designed, written, and printed by December 31. There will be no planner for 2003. The committee will design and produce stock ads with camera -ready art and made available on the web. The committee will design and print hang tags to promote Masters Swimming that will be distributed to retailers and distributors to place on their products. To make larger sponsorships attractive, we have to give them something -- like access to our mailing list.

OFFICIALS: A proposed policy for the naming of officials for the SC and LC Nationals Championship meets was developed for review and approval by the Championship Committee and USA-S. The Committee passed the USMS Officials Certification Procedure. Officials Committee liaisons for 2002 are SC at Tempe -- Ted Haartz and LC at Rutgers -- David Diehl.

PLANNING: Hints from the summary of a survey will be sent t all LMSC editors. Exchange newsletters with other clubs or LMSC's especially within the Zone. Download other newsletter from the web. A checklist for LMSC's is being prepared for the purpose to help LMSC's identify weaknesses and strengths. The committee will create materials for local swimmers to sell advantages of program to various types of facilities.

PUBLICATION: The committee had the luxury of choosing from 13 outstanding cover designs for the 2003 Rule Book -- the winner was Alison Moore of Hillsboro OR. The book will be dedicated to Tom Boak. Cheryl Gettefinger will be the Ad coordinator and has suggested considering personal ads in addition to merchandise ads. Committee recommends that all USMS committees compile a policy manual. The committee will review the indexing of the rule book for next year. It was suggested that the committee work with Rules & Officials to investigate compiling a case studies publication.

RECOGNITION AND AWARDS: Starting next year there will be a perpetual Ransom J. Arthur award to present at the Awards Banquet. The Raleigh Area Masters National Championship Award will be an official USMS Award presented annually at the House of Delegates meeting and winners listed in the rule book. Up to fifteen Dorothy Donnelly USMS Service Awards will be given annually. In addition to publishing the list of all Ransom J. Arthur Award winners, factual narratives detailing the reasons each award winner received the award and picture will be published. The committee will consider the suggestion that a patch for years of service to USMS be designed and made available for volunteers.

RECORDS & TABULATION: New rule regarding pool length (as defined by Rules Committee) will go into effect January 1, 2003. It is recommended that a pool with a bulkhead be measured before and after every meet. A copy of birth certificate or passport will be required for National records. New forms for National and World Record Applications and Pool Length Certification will be published.

REGISTRATION: Total registrations to date are at 40,224 - just a few under last year's total. South Carolina is at 130% of last year. 12 LMSC's do not use Leoware. A few don't do registrations on a computer. Esther has volunteered to do the processing for small LMSC's. Help will be given others to get them up and running on the software. Legal Counsel is looking into online registration. A permanent ID number will be included in Leo's software. The target date is November 1, 2002, or as soon as possible.

RULES: The sense of the house on pool length issues were (1) all official times should be obtained in pools that meet the length standard. USMS needs to continue to sanction meets in facilities that do not meet the standards but we should not recognize these results for official purposes. (2) USMS must enforce pool length and starting blocks. (3) Enforce these rules by using the sanctioning process. (4) All lanes need to be measured for certification and re-certification. A certified Surveyor should not be required. For Nationals the order of both distance events may be changed. For Nationals, Heat Sheets for pre-seeded events shall be made available at the time of registration.

SAFETY &: EDUCATION: The committee recommended that time be scheduled for CPR training for delegates at next year's convention. The USMS Safety Handbook as of 2001 will be distributed electronically. Make up of the LMSC Safety Chairmen. Appoint a committee member to be a liaison to the Open Water Safety sub-committee if Open Water so desires. Provide safety 'blurbs' and 'fill' articles for newsletter editors.

ZONE: Requested an opinion from Legal Council to be Zone Committee as to the status of separate zone funds. The committee will work to further define their role and develop written guidelines. The Zone reps will have the same status as standing committee chairs when funding convention expenses. It was suggested that our Zone meetings not be scheduled at lunch time. Only one person is running for Zone Chairman -- Lynn Hazelwood.

AD HOC LEGAL COUNSELORS: The chairman gave an explanation of the types of legal issues that USMS Legal Counsel encounters regularly. Discussion of electronic transactions statutes and their impact on the ability to have on-line registration for USMS. Need to find legal expertise in the area of information technology and electronic transactions. The committee leans toward encouragement of safety training rather than specific requirements.

AD HOC ISHOF NOMINATING: Frank Piemme was selected as the USMS nominee to be submitted to the ISHOF for consideration for induction in 2004. Revised the USMS Candidate Selection Policy/Procedures to align with that of ISHOF.

ENDOWMENT FUND BOG: As of June 30, 2002, the Fund balance stood at $110,987.28. The initial grant of $2,500.00 has been made to Indiana University for the benefit of the Counsilman Center for the Study of Swimming. The grant for the essential tremor is still looking for a sponsor. No USMS matching funds will be requested for 2003. Current budgeting matching funds will be suspended for the balance of 2002. The check-off program on registrations should be encouraged. A draft of criteria for grants by Sports Medicine and others is being worked on.

DATABASE TASK FORCE: The first task is to create a uniform ID or "permanent ID" for each swimmer. It is understood that it would cost the organization less money to create one main database rather than continue to update the current individual databases. Needed right now is a Project Administrator.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Reports were given. Approval was given for the actions of the EC during the past year. Governance was a concern of the Board. USA-Swimming is also discussing governance and has items on their agenda. It was emphasized that all committees are expected to do their work during the year and not just at the convention. Scott Rabalais presented a new Mission Statement -- "To promote swimming for life among adults in the United States." The theme of this year's convention was "TEAMING TOGETHER." The committees were divided into five blocks.

Block 1 - Teaming Together - to bring out the best! Championship, Coaches, International, Officials, & Rules
Block 2 - Teaming Together - to take care of business! Finance, Ad Hoc Legal Counselors, Legislation, & Planning
Block 3 - Teaming Together - to spread the word! Communications, Marketing, Publications, & Registration
Block 4 - Teaming Together - to strengthen and protect! Fitness, Insurance, Long Distance, Safety Education, Sports Medicine
Block 5 - Teaming Together - to preserve and honor! ISHOF Nominating, History & Archives, Recognition and Wards, and Records & Tabulation

Editor's Note-- It was nice to see that a couple of our chairmen had their offspring at the convention! We always need new ideas and new blood coming up. One daughter is on a USMS committee and was secretary. She is good on the computer. The other daughter was an athlete's rep for USA-Swimming. I find that my son is an LMSC Secretary. Keeps the kids busy!