Dixie Zone Newsletter

October-December 2005

Zone Representative: Debbie Cavanaugh

Zone/USMS Elections | 2006 Zone Championship Meets | Dixie Zone Top 10 | USMS Communication Award

New Orleans meet venue change | Water Polo Anyone? | Dixie Zone Policies


After serving for two years as the Dixie Zone Chair, Rob Copeland was elected USMS President at the USAS convention in Greensboro, NC. He will have his hands full with the new governance structure at USMS. We wish him luck & thank him for serving as our chair.

Debbie Cavanaugh was elected as the new Chair and Stu Marvin will serve as the Vice Chair.

Jerry Clark was elected to the Board of Directors as an At Large Representative.


SCY - Feb.11 & 12 Clearwater, Fl

LCM - July 15 & 16 Charlotte, NC

SCM - At the convention there was no bid for SCM. As a result of this it was approved by the Dixie Zone to have a consolidated Dixie Zone SCM Championship for 2006, comprised of a compilation of all Dixe Zone SCM meets between September 1st & December 31st.

Ed Saltzman volunteered to compile these results. It was decided to set a January 15th, 2007, deadline for submission of results to Ed. Ed will be sending out an e-mail to the Top Ten Chairs with info on what he will need.


Catherine Paul & Sean Scuras of Clemson Aquatic Team have volunteered to take on the task of compiling the 2005 Top Ten Zone list. More information will be forthcoming.


June Krauser was the recipient of the first USMS June Krauser Communication Award. She started the first newsletter for USMS.


Southern Masters/Dixie Zone SCM Championships in New Orleans, L.A. has been moved to Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi. The date has remained the same December 2-4, 2005.

Bill Cleveland states that the facility is "outstanding ." It is close to Memphis, TN & Jackson, MS.

We are very committed to putting on a great meet & look forward to hosting folks & showing them some "Southern" hospitality. Meet information at HYPERLINK "http://www.dixiezone.org" www.dixiezone.org


Coach Cav Cavanaugh will be coaching a woman's 40+ over water polo team at the XI Fina World Masters Championships at Stanford University Aug 4-17, 2006.

Interested players please contact Coach Cav at HYPERLINK "mailto:cavdeb@juno.com" cavdeb@juno.com.


For the past year Rob Copeland & Debbie Cavanaugh have been reviewing the Zone Policies. The policies have not been updated since 1995.

Debbie reviewed all the meeting minutes since 1995 and found no new policies. Although she discovered that in 2002 it was voted to establish a written policy of guidelines for submitting times for Zone Records. Editor's note: It was voted that we follow the rules for USMS when concerning zone records so that we have the same standards for Dixie Zone as those for National & World records. The zone policies need some updating.

The current policies are listed below. If you are interested in helping update the policies. Please e-mail me at cavdeb@juno.com


As revised September 1995

Dixie Zone- The USMS Dixie Zone consists of the following Local Masters Swim Committees: Florida, Florida Gold Coast, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Southeastern & Southern.

Dixie Zone Committee- The Dixie Zone Committee consists of the Dixie Zone Representative & the voting delegates from the above LMSCS. The USMS Dixie Zone Committee shall meet annually at the United States Aquatic Sports Convention.

Zone Representative- The Dixie Zone Representative shall conduct the business of the Dixie Zone. The Dixie Zone Committee elects the Zone Representative to a two-year term in odd-numbered years. The Zone Representative's expenses to the convention shall be paid by the Zone's LMSCS. Expenses reimbursed include round-trip coach airfare, ? hotel room cost, airport ­ hotel ground transportation cost. The Representative's convention registration fee shall be paid from the Dixie Zone account.

Newsletter- A Dixie Zone newsletter shall be published four times each year to Dixie Zone clubs, convention delegates, & Dixie Zone LMSC chairmen & newsletter editors. Other copies are sent to the National Office, The USMS President, Zone Chairman & Zone Representatives.

Top Ten & Records- A Dixie Zone Top Ten & Records shall be tabulated & maintained by the Zone Recorder. The Zone Representative Shall appoint the Recorder. Top Ten & Records shall be maintained in three courses: short course yards, long course meters, & short course meters. Swims by Dixie Zone members at all sanctioned or recognized meets inside or outside the Dixie Zone are asked to send a copy of their final results to the Zone Recorder. Zone Top Ten & Records are sent to the Dixie Zone clubs, convention delegates & LMSC chairmen & newsletter editors.

Zone Championship- Meets- Three Dixie Zone Championship meets shall be held each year, one in each course. The championship meet sites for the following year shall be selected at the convention. A brief presentation will be allowed by each meet wishing to be considered as a Zone Championship. Meets will be selected in the following order: SCY, LCM & SCM. If necessary, a written vote by the Zone committee will determine the meet site. No LMSC shall be eligible to host a championship meet in the same course in two consecutive years, unless no other bids our considered. The Dixe Zone shall promote the championship meets by mailing a copy of the meet's entry form to the Zone clubs & LMSC chairmen & newsletter editors. The Zone championship meets shall also be listed in the Calendar of Events in SWIM magazine. In return, a $1.00 entrant surcharge shall be charged to the meet, payable to the Dixie Zone for assistance in the handling the affairs of the Zone. It is requested that this fee be paid within thirty days after the meet.

Financial- Two financial accounts shall support the activities of the Dixie Zone.

The USMS Dixie Zone allocation (currently $300) is not a "carry over" amount:

The Zone championship meets funds that are monies raised through the $1.00/entrant fee at Zone Championship meets.

A reporting of financial activity shall be made by the Zone Representative at the Zone Committee meeting, & shall be published annually in the Dixie Zone newsletter.