Dixie Zone Newsletter

July-September 2006

USMS Nationals Results- Cav Cavanaugh

A great time was had by all at the Coral Springs Aquactic Complex for the USMS SCY National Championships May 11-14, 2006.

For the 2nd year in a row Gold Coast Masters won the men & combined team scoring. Gold women finished 2nd. Ft. Lauderdale Aquatics(FLAQ) had a great showing finishing 2nd in the men & 3rd in the combined & women. Florida Combined (FACT) finished 4th in both combined & Woman & 5th in the Men. North Carolina (NCMS) finished 5th in the men & 8th in the combined. Florida Mavericks (FMM) finished 9th in the men & combined & 8th in the woman. A great showing by the zone.

55 National Records were broken at the meet..

Congratulations to all!

Perth, Australia 2008-June Krauser

The 12th FINA World Masters Championships were awarded to Perth, Australia for 2008 by the FINA Bureau meeting in Shanghai on April 6 & 7.


Each year, USMS honors up to 15 of its many talented volunteers with the coveted Dorothy Donnelly USMS Service Award. The awards will be presented in the House of Delegates at this year's convention. If you know of a person whose service is outstanding in its scope, its impact on the program, and in the number of members who have benefited from this individual's efforts on the local, regional or national level, consider nominating that person for the award.

For more information, contact Kelly Crandell at (253) 267-1367 or kelly.crandell at usms dot org. To submit a nomination, write a one-page letter detailing why the candidate is deserving of the award and send it to Kelly Crandell, Recognition & Awards Chair, 1642 S Winnifred St, Tacoma, WA 98465, or submit it electronically to kelly.crandell at usms dot org. Nominations must be received by July 30, 2005.


I am sad to report two deaths in our swimming world. George Haines & Gary Eaton, both died on Monday April 3, 2006.

George Haines, who coached three Olympic swim teams and some of the most famous swimmers in the history of our sport, died in his sleep at the age 82. 

Gary Eaton who swam with the Georgia Masters program since 1993 (for both Dynamo and the Killer Whales), died during a swim workout on Monday.  Gary was one of those persons you know you're going to like the first time you meet and you treasure their friendship.  And he was an incredible swimmer.

June Krauser Summer Splash I- Debbie Cavanaugh

On June 17th, 2006 The City of Ft. Lauderdale & the Florida Gold Coast LMSC dedicated their summer series meets to June Krauser. From this day forward they will be know as the June Krauser Summer Splash I & II.

On this special 80th birthday, June was surprised with her family who showed up at the meet. Janice her daughter spent hours arranging for this special day. Her son Larry flew in from Spokane, along with his family.

June said "this was totally unexpected & I am flabbergasted." Cake & special bottled water with pink labels that read "Happy 80th Birthday June!" was also a surprise.



Virtual Swim Relay to the Worlds-Margie Hutinger

The USMS Fitness Committee has set up a competition between the 8 zones. The goal is to see which zone can virtually compile 1500 miles, the arbitrary average distance to the Worlds from the US. The Colonies Zone (New England), is the winner and making a 2nd run. The Northwest Zone finished 2nd, and is also making a return trip. The Dixie Zone is in 3rd place, only 49% finished, 1st trip. There's only two more months to the Worlds, so turn in your mileage. No logs; just the total number of miles you swam, per month.

We went from 49% in May to 79% in June.

If you have a computer, e-mail your monthly mileage to Mary Sweat marysweat@email.com at the end of the month, with name, age, Dixie Zone, miles swum during month. No entry fee or official rules. The Dixie Zone needs your input.

June Krauser Summer Splash II- Cav Cavanaugh

It was a fun day for all 82 swimmers who attended the one day June Krauser Summer Splash II.

Two National Relay & Zone Records were broken by Gold Coast Masters.

The relay team of Debbie Cavanaugh, Gary Hall, Peggy McDonnell & John Grzesczak broke the 200+ 400 Mixed Free Relay by 5 seconds to clock a 4:24.29.

In the 280+ 400 Free Relay, the record was smashed by 15 seconds. Cav Cavanaugh, David McIntyre, Alan Rapperport & Bill Dykstra set the new standard at 5:06.44.

USMS Dixie Zone Annual Report-Debbie Cavanaugh-Chair

The following is what will be in your convention packets & what the agenda will be at the convention.

For the second year in a row, the Dixie Zone has hosted 2 National Championship events. In May, Coral Springs played host to their 1st USMS SCY National Championship. They did a marvelous job. In men, women & combined scores, the zone placed 5 teams in the Top Ten. Gold Coast Masters led the way winning the Men & Combined & 2nd in the Woman's division. Rounding out the top ten scores include FLAQ, NCMS, FACT, & FMM. Six National records were also broken by our zone swimmers. Congratulations John Blank(3), Cav Cavanaugh(2), Florence Carr, Adam Jerger & Doug Malcolm(1).

In June, Clemson Aquatic Team held the 1-3 miles Open Water Championship at Hartwell Lake, Clemson South Carolina. Congratulations to all Zone swimmers.

Since the convention I have mailed four newsletters. The October - December, January- March, April- June, & July- September issues. Each issue has been getting larger each time with some great contributions of articles from the Zone LMSC's.

I have also been working with the LMSC chair's to ensure that each LMSC has Bylaws and a grievance policy and to make sure that each LMSC is represented at convention.

We have a very hard working zone & without all of our commitment from our clubs, coaches, LMSC's, & volunteers none of this would be possible. Thank You!!! A special thank you to Ed Saltzman our record keeper & Dick Brewer our web master. You two do a remarkable job!!!!


Saturday September 16, 10:30-11:45 AM

Pierce Arrow

1. Introductions

2. Zone Specific Tasks

a. Financial Reports

b. Newsletters

c. Top Ten Times

d. Records

e. Zone meets

f. Top Ten Patches

3. Zone Activities for 2006-2007

a. Championship Meet Bids

b. 2007 Calendar of Zone meets

c. Other Activities

4. Discussion of "HOT" Convention Topics

5. New Business

6. Adjourn

Parking at Worlds- Michael Moore


Parking for competitors and spectators will be available on the Stanford Campus in the Galvez lot. The lot is about 250 meters from the pool area.

There will be a daily fee of $5.00 to park in this lot. All other spaces at Stanford, with the exception of metered and visitor parking, are permit parking and are closely monitored by Stanford parking police. Please plan to purchase your parking pass at the credential/registration area. After August 5th parking passes will also be available at the information booth outside the Avery pool area. Please note, parking passes are available for cash only.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of the parking process and regulations on the Stanford campus. Further questions contact Michael Moore.


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