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July-September, 1999

Zone Representative: June Krauser

1999 Dixie Zone SC Championships | Florida Gold Coast World Top Ten

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1999 Dixie Zone LC Championships | Editor's Note

1999 Dixie Zone Short Course Championships April 17-18, 1999

This year's Dixie Zone Short Course Championships were held at the Pullen Aquatic Center next door to North Carolina State University campus in Raleigh. Close to 200 people participated with Zone members from as far away as Florida. The meet also included USMS swimmers from Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC. On an international scale, we had one Aussi swimmer from Nhulunbuy, Australia. We believe Don was here to check out the competition for the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, but he claims that he wanted to see what it was like to swim in a 'yard' pool.

First place team was awarded to host, RAM, with second place going to NCAM and third to CSM. The high point women were Whitney Drake 19, Lauren Lindblad 25, Sian Hunter 32, Sue Haugh 37, Beverly Amick 44, Margaret Chesson 45, Pamela Wingerter 54, Sally Newell 61, Suzanne Robbins-Bonitz 65, Helen Newbold 75, Roberta Sugden 82, and Marie Heikkinen 87. The high point men included Doug Shanks 23, Scott Allen 27, Tom Northcutt 33, Bruce Kowalski 35, Thomas Davis 41, Don Gilchrist 45, Hugh Wilder 51, Warner Brundage 56, Jerry Clark 61, David Alkire 65, Richard Avery 76, and Roy Morse 82. Complete results are available at our web site http://www.ncmasters.org thanks to George Simon.

As with every swim meet, there were various Lost and Found items. Most of the found items were towels and a few items of clothing including some swim suits. One lost item of note is a pair of glasses. If you found anything or are looking for something that is lost, please contact Tim Sexauer at 919-266-6315 or HYPERLINK mail to: tsexauer@angiosonics.com

Editors note: It was nice to note that Warner Brundage is still swimming. He and my children swam on the same team when they were young!

Florida Gold Coast World Top Ten

By Deb Cavanaugh

The following swimmers include three women and six men who are the fastest swimmers in the world! Tracie Moll, Marcia Barry, and June Krauser were the fastest for the women. Cav Cavanaugh, Craig Burns, Joel Burns, Seth van Neerden, Todd Pace, and Karney McNear were the fastest for the men. These nine beat everyone in the world in at least one event. Some of those times were world records. The following 29 swimmers swim for Gold Coast Masters and have achieved World Masters Top 10 rankings for 1998.

25-29: Susie Geyer, Craig Crawford, Karney McNear
30-34: Tracie Moll, Todd Pace, Seth van Neerden
35-39: Kurt Wienants, Peter Berndt, Jonathan Olsen
40-44: Hank Oppenborn
45-49: Marcia Barry, Janet Zann, John Spire, Craig Burns, Tim Shead, Robert Strauss
50-54: Marcia Marry, Jean Turner, Joel Burns
55-59: Jerry Greenberg
60-64: Cav Cavanaugh, David McIntyre
65-69: Herb Kern, Alan Rapperport
70-74: June Krauser, Cynthia Bruce
80-84: Des Sessinghaus, Murray Eager
85-89: Richard Kane

The Victor 23rd Annual Swim Around Key West

By Randy Nutt

Congratulations to the 300 swimmers who Swam Around the Island of Key West on June 12, 1999. Overcast skies kept the morning sun off the swimmers making for an ideal day to set records or as the event was designed for to just make it around!

Several records were set including the men's and woman's solo by Gabe Lindsey, GA and Karen Burton, CO. Gabe touched the buoy in 3 hr. 31 min and 28 sec while Karen, enjoying the shade swam a very fast 3 hr. 53 min and 43 sec.

New this year was the Master's Division for those age 40 and over. Greg Langsett, Ft. Lauderdale, took the men's title in 4 hr. 11 min and 54 sec and Gail Rice, Miami Shores, the women's in 4 hr. 10 min 12 sec. Other noteworthy swims were by Gail Greenwood, CT, Diane Dedek from Key West, Lucky Meisenheimer, Orlando and Rick Walker, Sarasota.

In the Fin Division it was Michael Shepardson, Winter Park, Cathy Mancino, Miami and Gabi Defaria of North Bay Village.

Georgia's Team Dynamo was the powerhouse team in the Men's (Bond, Fredrick, Eaton) and Women's (Mills, Peck, Klestnic) 3 person relay with Ft. Myers' (Walker, McRae, Stuart) taking the Mixed 3 person relay.

A battle took place in the 6 person relay with the U of Miami (Valdivia, Berndt, Haus, Plumb, Wienants, Here) out touching the T-bone Patrol (Ray, Kennedy, Specht, Summers, Moll, Petersen) and the St. Pete Chasers.

All in all an exciting event and weekend!

SWIM Florida LC T-shirt Meet

131 Swimmers showed up for the meet this year. The weather cooperated and it wasn't real hot. The officials ran a very good meet and managed to get all of the swimming done before the rains came. The "Tail Gate" party Saturday after the meet in the park by the pool proved to be a little wet but the food was great. They also provided a breakfast on Sunday morning.

The biggest problem in running most of our Masters meets is getting the volunteers and officials to run the meet. If you are a spouse that doesn't swim but are at the meet, please volunteer to time. It is much more interesting helping out than just sitting around. Also, as a volunteer, you usually get fed!

Frank Tillotson, 84, "The Story Teller"

His early swimming began in the Atlantic Ocean, of Long Island, NY. After farm work, his brothers would swim a bit; it is was calm, and they were never bothered by sharks.

In the spring of 1936, Frank ventured into the Old Armory pool at Cornell University, and was asked if he wanted to learn to swim. Frank said, "sure." He was told to lie on his back, pull with his arms over his head, and kick. He did this for 10 days. From April till June, he had lessons. Coach Scotty Little assured him the ocean would not do for summer swimming, but Noyac Bay, across the island, would. As often as possible, Frank drove the 8 miles after work, and swam from a dock to the beach, 1.25 miles round trip. Once about a half mile from shore, he kicked a shark. Luckily, the shark swam away Returning to Cornell in the fall as the only backstroker, he swam on the team until he graduated in the spring of 1939.

For many years, he was busy with work and family and had no access to a pool. He moved to Florida and joined the St. Pete Masters in 1973, swam for Holmes Lumber at the Worlds and helped found the Maverick's in 1996. Frank has spent countless hours organizing Masters swim meets, editing the FL newsletter and officiating. He lives in St. Petersburg, FL.


Note: Information and qualifying times may be found on the Dixie Zone Meets page.

By June Krauser

I was in Munich June 10-13 for a two day meeting with the Organizing Committee. We visited the sites for the Championships. The pool, of course, is just beautiful with a 5 lane 50m warmup pool next to it. The Information and Entry booklet should be out the first of August. It contains loads of information,hotel accommodations, tours, socials, etc., and everything is priced in German Marks. You may use your VISA card to enter.


Jul 27 - Thur

Jul 28 - Fri

Jul 29 - Sat (women 1st)

Jul 30 - Sun (men 1st)

Jul 31 - Mon (women 1st)

Aug 1 - Tues (men 1st)

Aug 2 - Wed (women 1st)

Aug 3 - Thur (men 1st)

Aug 4 - Fri (women 1st)

Aug 5 - Sat

Dixie Zone Web Site

Dick Brewer has made a Dixie Zone web site. It contains information on the Dixie Zone -- meets, clubs, Top 10, news, and links. It is in the formation stage but you can get meet dates, information, and entry blanks. If you wish to contact Dick Brewer, his email address is dickbrewer@worldnet.att.net.

Attention: Age Rule Change

Starting January 1, 1999, the determining date for AGE has been changed for all SCM and LCM meets. Your age shall be determined by your age as of December 31 of the year of competition. For SCY, no changes -- your age remains your age as of the last day of the meet.

Voting Year at Convention

The USMS convention will be held in San Diego, CA, on September 15-18 this year. Our Zone Chairman, Hugh Moore, has reminded us that this is a voting year. He asked the Zone Reps if they were running again. I will be happy to continue but if someone else wishes to run, please let me know. June Krauser, your Dixie Zone Rep.

1999 Dixie Zone LCM Championships

Information and an entry form are available for the July 30-August 1 meet on the Dixie Zone meets page. The meet is being held in the Maynard Ketcham Health and Fitness Building on the campus of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries in Baton Rouge, LA. Email (questions only) to Scott Rabalais, Crawfish Aquatics.

Editor's Note:

Please send news of your LMSC for publication in our Dixie Zone Newsletter. The deadline dates for the Newsletter are the 1st of the months of October, January, April, and July. During those months the Newsletter will be assembled and mailed. Entry blanks for the Dixie Zone Championship meets should be sent at least three months in advance: SCY in January, LCM in April, and SCM in July.

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